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Kirky's World started 27.8.05 & still addin'.......SO COME BACK.

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Me gran, Madeline White. Married Jimmy Welsh **The Singin Welshman from Piliga**
Photo taken @ Walget. The young girl iz Marie Veech. Her parents owned the station 'Quilbone' @ Quambone that Madeline, Jimmy & the rest of our mob worked & lived on. She iz now married & known az Marie Nightingale. She also B'came a nurse.
When Marie waz transferred from Orange hospital 2 Cowra hospital in '91, on her 1st shift she ova heard some of the nurses speakin 'bout an old aboriginal man who talked up bigtime 2 hiz visitors but wouldn't say a word 2 the nurses or Dr's. Marie said 2 'em  *I'll try, I grew up with an aboriginal family. She said when she stood in that doorway 2 hiz room & Dadda looked up @ here she knew who he waz straight away & that it waz a pleasure & honour 2 look afta him. Here iz Nurse Nightingale with Dadda @ Cowra Hospital...


Marie also said that her parents would only leave their kids with Madeline 'cause they didn't trust anybody else.
I luv this one that she told me. They useta go 2 town every fortnight & would alwayz go 2 the cafe 4 lunch, durin which someone from our mob would hit 'em up 4 some $$$$'s. One time during a drought they were sittin in their car & her mum spotted one of Dadda's mob Vera comin 2wards 'em & she said 2 the kids *We can't even afford 2 go 2 the cafe ourselves, how am I gonna tell her that I don't have any $$$$'s 2 give 'em. When Vera got 2 the car, she put her hand in & said *Here missus we know U R havin a rough time @ the mo & dropped 10 shillins in her mums lap.
Marie haz kindly hand written 12 pages of her memories from that time which I'm typin up & will put up here. She waz the one that gave me the Links 4 Aunty Joan, Aunty Thelma & Widdy's stories. Plus stuff on our great Uncle Dave Brown.



Below iz wats written on the back of the pic above. We knew 'em az Uncle Barney, Aunty Joan, Aunty Tam, Aunty Aud & Aunty Ivy...



Mum, Dadda, Johnny in front of Mum, Kate then Dick (the future Pastor Dennis Dunn)


It Is No Secret ~ By Donna Meehan

Donna iz me Dadda's niece, me cuz. 
I sorta remember her visitin with Dadda @ Cowra Hospital '91 when he waz dyin of Cancer. Hubby took this pic of her, Dadda & her son Mark out on the balcony, 

Donna Meehan & Dadda.jpg

I useta think it waz **spooky but sorta meant 2 B** when somethin happened @ certain time BUT now I reckon GOD knows the time iz right. Like how I came by this book March '06. Luv it that the Chapter titled Minya - page 123 iz all 'bout Uncle Cyril the truest & deadliest minya eva. Readin this confirmed that the amount of tears me,me sista;s & daught have shed iz a female Welsh trait.


ISBN 0-091-83994-7 in case U wanna grab a copy.



RIP Aunty Marg & Uncle Cyril.
Found me Diary 4 '91 & Tuesday 28th May it sayz Uncle Cyril & 4 Wednesday 29th May Uncle home. Hubby waz workin the 0001-0745 shift 4 Security @ the Army Camp. on both dayz. We were livin @ Waitara. He turned up outta the blue, stayed the night, left the next day. Az I waz drivin him in2 town, we got on the CB Radio & scored him a ride with a trucker all the way back home 2 Newcastle. I can still picture him climbin up 2 get in the truck.


These are stories written by Coonamble locals and elders. The stories are an account of their young years and then moving on to life in Coonamble. The stories are from the book "Momories" written and produced by Aboriginal students at the Western Institute of TAFE, Coonamble Campus, 1996, under the guidence of Mrs Anne Cullen.

This Aboriginal Story Writing Project was funded by ANTA

Click here 4 me Aunty (Tam) Thelma Leonard.

Click here 4 me cuz & Donna's bro Widdy Welsh.

Click here 4 me Aunty Joan Dodd.


That's Roy Orbison singin Only The Lonely. T'is me Dadda's fav song. Told 2 me by Donna. GOD knew the time waz right when the daught got an email 4warded 2 her with all the other addys still in it & La... there waz Donna Meehan. Wicked hey.......'bout Donna & the song.
It's on continuous play, so jus kickback, close ya eyes & take it in.......


Az a child of GOD, prayer is kinda like callin home evreeday.

In Prayer 2gether

Have Faith In Him

Our children R the future of the world, nurture their minds.

In yaself

1 stick can B broken ~ a handfull 2gether can't B broken ~ In Solidarity iz Strength.

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“Peace I leave with U,

My peace I give U;

not az the world gives do I give 2 U.

Let not U’re heart B troubled,

Neither let it B afraid.”


John 14:27

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