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Kirky's World started 27.8.05 & still addin'.......SO COME BACK.

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Minya means friend in me Dadda's mobs lingo.

Uncle Hubert
Uncle Hubert
Livin @ Gular Rail, Uncle Hubert would have 2 B me 1st minya B4 I went to School. I have fond memories of him playin marbles with me, lettin me win now & then. Standin with the elastic around hiz legs az I jumped. Wish I could remember all the yarns he told me. RIP my Unc.


Polly - Sharon McEwen, bestest minya @ Gulargambone Central School.



Shawn P. Hopkins


July ’05 an email I sent 2 evree one in me addy.


SUBJECT: Gotta share gotta share am so happy


I’m like “floating somewhere way above the earth and so very very happy” WHY because I received the most amazing reply to an email I sent. Gotta go way back and explain.


Sydney 1970  in 6th class playing softball, this new American girl Shawn pitches to me and the ball hits me, we have words. Later we chat and become good friends. 1974 in 3rd Form she returns to America with her mum. We stay in touch via mail. 1976 she comes back to Oz and lives with me at my foster parents place, then moves out and into different places. 1977  I’m cashed up with my first pay, I buy hot chips, champagne and go to where she’s shareing a house with a couple of blokes. It was “love at first sight” for my hubby and me when we met that night. Couple of months later she returns to America and hubby and I move out this way to a farm at Bogan Gate. We wrote for a bit then stopped. 1985 we’re living in Trundle, the phone rings and it’s Shawn (the phone is listed in my name, that’s how she found me). We stay in touch for a while then stop. NOW THIS IS SPOOKY-1989 we’re back living on a farm at Bogan Gate. Both our kids are going to school and they are waiting at the Bus Stop in town for hubby to pick them up. The PAY PHONE at the Bus Stop rings and our son answers it and it’s Shawn. He gives her our unlisted number and she rings me at home. We stayed in touch via mail for years then again stopped. Last year when I came good on the Seroquel for my Schiz I  wrote to the last address I had for her but the letter came back stamped "UNKNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS".


Yesterday hubby was going around checking for cobwebs and behind our filing cabinet he found a fadded slip of paper (Lord knows how long it’s been there???). It was a handwritten note from Shawn. Printed at the top was the name Becky and printed on the bottom phone/fax/mobile numbers and an email address.


I jumped online and fired off an email to this person called Becky  Subject: Re: A note I found with your email on it and hoping you'll be able to help me??? Explaining blah blah blah and that her mom’s name is Betty. And today I got a reply. Becky said - What an odd and funny coincidence. I have to admit, I almost deleted the email along with the other 50 spams I get a day, but your subject line caught my eye. It took me a little while to put it together, but I sold her Mom's house here in Tucson when she moved to Pinetop. I have spoken with Betty up in Pinetop this afternoon, and yes, she is indeed Shawn's mother. Shawn was there with her when I talked with her today. They were thrilled to hear that you had contacted me and will look forward to hearing from you. Good luck! Becky  


So once again we are back in touch and I think I just felt the “shuttle” pass me. LOL.


Click here 4 the Merrell Wolfe website I did az a tribute 2 her.


Az a child of GOD, prayer is kinda like callin home evreeday.

In Prayer 2gether

Have Faith In Him

Our children R the future of the world, nurture their minds.

In yaself

1 stick can B broken ~ a handfull 2gether can't B broken ~ In Solidarity iz Strength.

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“Peace I leave with U,

My peace I give U;

not az the world gives do I give 2 U.

Let not U’re heart B troubled,

Neither let it B afraid.”


John 14:27

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