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Kirky's World started 27.8.05 & still addin'.......SO COME BACK.

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Mob ~ One's family or tribe.......A universal term understood & recognized throughout urban , rural & traditional populations of the indigineous nations upon the continent of Oztralia.  


Me Mum
Me Mum Alma Kathleen Dunn

Alma Kathleen Dunn. Born 1927 @ Gulargambone. NSW. Oz. Married Cliffy Welsh 9.6.62. Mother of 10. R.I.P~1964. One of me earliest & BESTEST memories iz when I waz in Kinda & mum turned up 4 the Edumacation Day 2 look @ what I'd done. Mum waz in her bestest town dress, blue with flowers. Afta lookin' @ all I'd done I asked her 2 take a look  @ me best friend's work, whose Mum couldn't turn up. Mum DID take the time 2 look. Made me happy & me best friends day. I waz & still am sooooo very very proud & pleased that she's ME MUM.

Star Sparkles

Me Foster Mum
Me Foster Mum Rosemarie Thomet

Rosemarie Thomet. Waz livin in sunny ole Queensland with Ruthellen, her hubby Erin & their girls Charly & Makayla BUT az of '07 iz livin in Mudgee with Deirdre.


ME lil foster sista

Ruthellen Thomet jus B4 becomein Ruthellen Smith. 9th September, 1990
Me Dadda
Me Dadda Cliffy Welsh @ Willow Tree. NSW. Oztralia

Clifford Welsh. Fondly known as Cliff or Cliffy. Born 1929 Pilliga. NSW. Oz. Married Alma Kathleen Dunn 9.6.62. Father of 10. R.I.P~1991
Reason bein 4 nuthin here iz I am still dealin with SHIT that happened when he waz in Cowra Hospital dryin from cancer. Not long ago I waz given the consent needed 2 tell all & believe me I WILL...

Dadda waz a remarkable man. Neva spoke a bad word 'bout anyone & no one he met eva spoke a bad word 'bout him. Oh 'cept this young gubbah who Dadda played a game of pool 4 hiz deadly cowboy boots.The look on the young fellas face when he lost waz priceless. Could play the piano accordian real deadly. He waz a hard worker. Luved a drink & a bet on the Gee Gee's.
When the words R there & me fingers hit the keyboard I'll blog more 'bout him..

Star Sparkles

Me Foster Dad
Me Foster Dad Francis Thomet

Francis Thomet. Lives in cold Switzerland, remarried 2 dear Rosa. Comes back 2 Oz every year 2 leave their wintas 4 our summa's. When he rang Chrissy day said he flys in 1st Feb. Didn't know when he'd B out here but he will eventually. Can't wait. 
RIP 14/4/07

I blogged 'bout him here..


ME lil foster bro

Cesar Thomet taken @ Franicis 70th Birthday '05
Thank U so much 4 the unconditional luv U shower on me
& allowin ME 2 jus B ME...
I honestly believe that if it were not 4 U
comin in2 me life when ya's did
I would either B homeless, in jail or dead...

Our Family

Our family is a circle of love and strength.
With every birth and every union, the circle grows.
Every joy shared adds more love.
Every obstacle faced together makes the circle stronger.


Author Unknown


Poppy JJ & Nicayden John Greenwood


Jeffrey John Kirk

with our grandson Nicayden John Greenwood

the mornin of hiz birth.

Star Sparkles

Noni, Nicayden & Luke Greenwood.

Our darlin daught Noni Annemieke with her family. Her hubby & luv of her life Luke Anthony Greenwood. Their son Nicayden John holdin hiz fav toy Mario.

Jazlyn on her Christenin.jpg

& their beautiful daught, our miracle baby,
Jazlyn Annemieke Greenwood
the day of her Christenin 28-5-06

Star Sparkles

Phillip and Sara.jpg

Our precious son Phillip John with hiz luv Sara Kathleen Brown. She's the other daught I waz neva able 2 have. She truly ~ madly ~ deeply luv's him more than I do.

Ya gotta read this 'bout 'em...

Gage John Kirk black & white pic

The Wonder Boy Gage John Kirk.Their 1st born & I hope he's one of many...

Star Sparkles


Az a child of GOD, prayer is kinda like callin home evreeday.

In Prayer 2gether

Have Faith In Him

Our children R the future of the world, nurture their minds.

In yaself

1 stick can B broken ~ a handfull 2gether can't B broken ~ In Solidarity iz Strength.

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“Peace I leave with U,

My peace I give U;

not az the world gives do I give 2 U.

Let not U’re heart B troubled,

Neither let it B afraid.”


John 14:27

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