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Kirky's World started 27.8.05 & still addin'.......SO COME BACK.

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Zodiac Green Taurus from
The name on me Birth Certificate iz Lynn Welsh. 4 some reason me Uncle Hubert always called me Lynette, BLESS HIM. I'm a '58 girl. Born @ Gulargambone District Hospital.
Map of where Gulargambone iz.jpg
Gulargambone means **Watering place of many birds**



Gulargambone Central School: 1964~'70


Then I waz fostered 2 the Nierop family (Deirdre, Klaas, Dirk, Nicky, Sarina & Annemieke) @ Clairville Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I remember Dadda walkin me 2 the train station @ Gular Rail. He waz carryin a little brown school case with some of me clothes. I didn't want 2 let go of hiz hand. One of hiz sista's waz already on the train & she chaperoned me.  All I remember from the train ride waz sittin @ Lithgow Station eatin scones & drinkin tea. It waz night time when we got 2 Central Station in Sydney. I remember 'em takin me via Martin Place where there waz this humungous Christmas Tree, decorated with every coloured light of the rainbow. Unreal.

Avalon Public School
Class 6JA - 1971

Top Row: (damaged: Colin Moran; Damon Merriman;) Warren Evans; Peter Mitchell; Tim Edwards; Michael Green; Richard Fodgen; Scott Robinson; John Van Roosmarlen

2ND Row: (damaged: Mr. John Armstrong-Teacher;) Guy Smith; Michael Whitmore; Terry Muir; Cindy Hicks; Ann Dunk; Sandra Marlin; Lyn Welsh; Colin Wenzel;

3RD Row: Sally Hoof; Kathie Thornton; Terri Bertrand; --??-- ;Judy Cookson; Katy Bracey; Diane Butner;

Front Row: Peter Dick; Ian Anderson; Peter Bailey; Shane Mabbott; Richard Crane; Jeff Imoson


Compiled by Peter Dick, September 2007; corrections invited!

**Funny thing happened when I waz playin Netball on the quad @ Avalon Public School. I fell ova & grazed me knee. When I looked up, all these white faces were eyeballin me knee ~ seein az I waz the only Koori they could not believe we had RED BLOOD 2**

Map of  where Avalon iz.jpg

The Best Netball Team Eva.jpg

Back Right ~ Dee, Kim, Rob (BESTEST Coach eva) Gill, Linda, Me, Alison, Josie, Sue.


1971 the BESTEST Netball Team eva. We took out the comp 4 our age group.. Havin repeated & still in 6th class afta movin from Gulargambone, all these girls were up in High School. We only played on the weekends.


Have a real shitty look on me there. It waz our grandfinal & B4 the game started, someone said somethin & I packed up me stuff, hooked it across the field & jumped on a bus. Next thing I know Sue iz squattin Bside me on the bus talkin 2 me. Went back, played & won. 


Neva eva played another game of Netball.



Caming on the Hawkesbury River.jpg
Taken sometime in '73~'74 on the Hawkesbury River. I think it may of been @ the Basin??? That's me in the back touchin Jodie the dog, Dirk beside me, Nicky in front of him, Sarina in front & dear Annemieke, RIP little sis.


I found out years later that afta I left Dadda sent me younger sista's & bro's 2 live with one of his sista's. Don't know what he did or where he went but later on the Thomet family (Rosemarie, Francis, Ruthellen & Cesar) took me 4 a visit where Dadda waz managin a property jus outta Willow Tree. Me older sis Pam waz there & besides takin care of the housework she looked afta the younger ones, Warren, Coral, Rod & Monica.


Brookvale Technical College: Secretarial Course 1976


Tis the story of how I met me hubby. I havta add that the bro mentioned I now consider a friend.

Star Sparkles

Me nic KIRKY waz given 2 me in the early '80's by a bloke called Jack (May he finally B @ peace with the Lord). I had a lot of time 4 Jack, till the night he threw his defacto wife across me kitchen table. I will neva 4get the last time I saw & spoke 2 him B4 he committed suicide. His last words will haunt me 4eva. I'm only now dealin with issues from the whole Jack & Didy bizo. BTW they were a non-indigenous couple.

Star Sparkles



NSW Police & Dept of Correctional Services 4 a 2 day course on FAMILY VIOLENCE Awareness Training 4 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities. 2 late 2 help Didy but not 4 a coupla other ladies. It really does a number on me head that a person who claims they LUV 'em can perpetrate such atrocities on 'em.


Kerry Reed-Gilbert of Kurracca Consultancy 4 a 2 day course on Aboriginal Culture, History & Heritage as part of her Training Program.


I laughed,  I cried, & I learned more than I had in all me 30 years plus 'bout me people the 1st Peoples of this amazin land THEY call Oz. It inspired me 2 learn more. I also came away with a mighty powerful feelin of knowin WHO I waz & WHERE I came from. A proud Koori woman who iz a descendant of the original custodians of this land THEY call Oz. U empowered me & made me feel I belong.


Sistagirl I wish U a very very long life so U can keep spreadin that magic & as we say.......U iz 2 deadly.

Click here 4 Kerry

Star Sparkles

All time fav joke.......

3 tough mice


Three mice were sitting at a bar talking about how tough they were.


The first mouse slams a shot and says, "I play with mouse traps for fun. I'll run into one on purpose and as it is closing on me, I grab the bar and bench press it 20 to 30 times." And, with that, he slams another shot.

The second mouse slams a shot and says, "That's nothing. I take those poison bait tablets, cut them up, and snort them, just for the fun of it." And, with that, he slams another shot.


The third mouse slams a shot, gets up, and walks away.

The first two mice look at each other, then turn to the third mouse and ask, "Where the hell are you going?"

The third mouse stops and replies, "I'm going home to shag the cat."


Diagnosed with the Paranoid kind. 4 me personally it waz a relief 2 have a NAME 4 me weird ways & thoughts. Plus a BONUS there were meds 4 it. I have truly been blessed that both times me meds were the right ones 4 me. 

Click here 4 where I went 20.8.97, strapped on a gurney, in a Ambo, with a Police escort.

3 MEMORIES I wanna share from Bloomfield.......


Me 1st mornin in the ACUTE part of Canobolas Clinic, I finally ventured out 2 the small enclosed courtyard & on the wall waz the outline of the Koori Flag in black texta. The feelin that gave me, knowin some of me mob had been here B4 me I jus can't put in2 words. BTW it waz a GOOD feelin tinged with a bit of SADDNESS.......


I can still see me right foot as I lifted it up 2 go in2 *THAT ROOM* (ya know the one that's all PADDED).......standin in the middle of it & slowly turnin round & round & thinkin @#$% me dead girl U're in TROUBLE.......BIG TROUBLE. The tears were rollin as I walked out.......


Standin @ that locked wooden door, face pressed up against the tiny glass window & seein me hubby, daught & son walkin down the hall 2wards me would have2 go down as the BESTEST mo of me life.......


On me release from Bloomfield me meds were 5mg Haloperidol (Haldol)~1mg Benztropine (Cogentin) & later on they were reduced. In June '04 me current Pdoc (Psychiatrist) switched me 400mg Seroquel. CHANGED ME LIFE. Of the 3 me's.......the 1 B4 bein diagnosed ~ the 1 on Haldol ~ I really LUV this 1.


Havin the LUV & SUPPORT from Family, Friends, Dr's, the Mental Health Team @ Currajong House Parkes & the RIGHT MEDS 4 ME haz helped no end 2 get me where I am 2day. Only wish ALL me fellow Schiz sufferers were so BLESSED


BITCH TIME. The media & how they portray people with mental illnesses SUCKS BIG TIME. Thank goodness 4 this mob below.



& as some1 once said:

Dance like there's nobody watchin'.

LUV like ya neva been hurt.

Sing like nobody's listenin'.

Live like it's heaven on earth.

Dancin' Girl


Me Dog Winnie - Winston
Me shadow.......

Winnie or Winston dependin on what he's up 2. He's a Sydney Silky Terrier & will 10 years old in ‘06. GOD BLESS HIM.


He waz originally bought 4 the daught, when she broke up with some fellah in High School. When she went on hol's 2 the coast, he stayed home & bonded with me.


Where I go, he goes & if he's not welocme then don't expect me.


Every1 says he's gonna trip me arse ova tit, the way he runs round me feet when I walk.


Hubby does all hiz maintenance, feedin & groomin but it's me he LUV's & cries 4 when I'm outta sight. I'd B lost without him 2.


Oh & he haz this funny little quirk when he haz 2 do a number 2.......he backs up 2 trees/bushes/posts & lifts up one of hiz back they do when doin a pee. LOL

Star Sparkles

Big & Little TRENDY me 1st car.
TRENDY & the model of her that hubby built.

Me 1st car TRENDY a '68 HK Holden.


Bought 17.12.91 when we were ova in Forbes doin our shoppin. We called round 2 some friends Nookie & Chris. Nookie took hubby a cupla houses up 2 start up a car that waz outta rego BUT needed 2 B turned ova every now & then.


When hubby found out it waz 4 sale he got me 2 go have a look. It waz LUV @ 1st sight & I instantly named her TRENDY 'cause of the stripe down her side. $600 less in hubby's wallet & TRENDY waz mine. Off we went 2 a mechanic & the RTA (Roads & Traffic Authority) 2 get her registered.


On our travels 2 get TRENDY registered we found out TRENDY came with a bit of history, which explained the weird looks we got when cruisin round Forbes.


The last night that the previous owner drove TRENDY, she waz ova the limit alcohol wise & drove TRENDY half way in2 Lake Forbes. She later spent a lot of $$$$ gettin' TRENDY roadworthy afta the water damage BUT lost her license.


Later on in '96 when I pulled up @ me minya-(friend) Merrell's, house in Parkes, a young girl came out sayin I knew I recognized that sound~ It's me Mum's old car.


TRENDY has a very unique gutsy sound which a lot of car Luver's LUV.


In all the years & miles we've driven TRENDY, she neva eva let us down.


2004 TRENDY waz parked in our backyard, put undercover & iz awaiting the grandsons 18th when I hand him the keys. @ the mo he's 3 & enjoys goin out there with his Poppy JJ to turn her ova & move her. He proudly claims that TRENDY iz his car.


NEWS FLASH afta seein the different cars & bein asked Y Trendy wasn't in this years Chrissy Street Parade we R gonna enter Trendy in it next year. Yep Poppy JJ will drive with Nickie noodle beside him. I'll sit in the back with Winnie on me lap so's he can poke himself out the window & show off hiz reindeer ears & the red & green jacket I'm gonna knit him.


Manly Warringah~Sea Eagles
Go on, click on the SEA EAGLE & check out the BEST FOOTY TEAM IN OZ.

Click here 2 C me collection of Manly Stuff.



Click on KITTENWAR & U'll see Oakie me 1st Kitten & how she's doin. Back in '78 we were livin @ "WOMBEYAN" a farm outta Bogan Gate. NSW. Oztralia.I got her off me lil sis Coral, from her cat Kitty's litter. She waz the 1st cat that hubby eva liked & tolerated. When Oakie waz preggos durin the night she'd jump on our bed & sleep between us. One night we felt somethin wet & cold. YEP she waz givin birth 2 her 1st litter. 4 of 'em. Afta she'd finished cleanin the 1st 1, I waz lookin @ it & realized it had no tail. WELL I screamed & started 2 cry. Hubby calmed me down & explained 'bout& the MANX cat thingy & that it waz OK. The father of 'em waz this real humungous FERAL TOM. We caught him 1day in the backroom of the farm house. Man did he chuck a mental when he spotted us. We saw him off & on 4 the next coupla years then nothin.

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Az a child of GOD, prayer is kinda like callin home evreeday.

In Prayer 2gether

Have Faith In Him

Our children R the future of the world, nurture their minds.

In yaself

1 stick can B broken ~ a handfull 2gether can't B broken ~ In Solidarity iz Strength.

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“Peace I leave with U,

My peace I give U;

not az the world gives do I give 2 U.

Let not U’re heart B troubled,

Neither let it B afraid.”


John 14:27

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