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Kirky's World started 27.8.05 & still addin'.......SO COME BACK.

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Afta bein asked what DEADLY meant, I felt this page had 2 B added, az I use it a lot here.

The expression "Deadly" is an extremely common colloquial expression that is used by both Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Island people in Australia. It is believed that the expression began in NSW but now has become a truly national Indigenous word meaning "good, great, wonderful, fantastic and the best". It is so widely used now that there have been books and publications published using the expression: The followings is a list of published books, magazine and films that have used the word Deadly:

1. "Deadly Vibe" is a monthly music and sports magazine;

2. "Deadly Sounds" is Australia's only national weekly Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander music show. Now in its eighth year of broadcasting. The show is broadcast throughout Australia's community radio network and the National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS) and is presented by Rhoda Roberts who also presents RN Arts program - Awaye!

3. The Deadly Sounds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards ("The Deadlys") is the premier event on the Indigenous calendar. National in scope yet community in focus, the Deadlys showcases and rewards excellence by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across all genres of music, sport, entertainment and community life. Usually presented by Deborah Mailman and Aaron Pederson and been reported on by Triple J and ABC News.

4. The film "Deadly", starring John Moore,.

5. The novel "Deadly Una" which the film Australian Rules has been based on.


Az a child of GOD, prayer is kinda like callin home evreeday.

In Prayer 2gether

Have Faith In Him

Our children R the future of the world, nurture their minds.

In yaself

1 stick can B broken ~ a handfull 2gether can't B broken ~ In Solidarity iz Strength.

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“Peace I leave with U,

My peace I give U;

not az the world gives do I give 2 U.

Let not U’re heart B troubled,

Neither let it B afraid.”


John 14:27

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